OBN State Team Qualifiers

OBN State Team Qualifiers


  1. Paul Amstutz – AOY Boater
  2. Joe Discerni
  3. Nick Leonard
  4. Ed Sizemore
  5. Steve Smith
  6. Kyle Waller
  7. Scott Cooke
  8. Alt: Eddie Levin


  1. Christian Brumett – AOY CO
  2. Jeff Schultz
  3. Kajuan Little
  4. Joe Wilcox
  5. Colten Didion
  6. Ryan Kriegel
  7. Jake Drukenbrod
  8. Alt: Jason Fairbanks


Congratulations State Team!!


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  1. Danny Ryan says:

    Great Job Will and team running the events. I wish I could of been there with you guys. Congratulations on those of you that made it so far!

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