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Hello Everyone,

The board of directors voted on the 2020 schedule and state team allocations this past week at our board of directors meeting.  We had a very productive meeting on items to finish up this year and working towards 2020.  Ben Stacy and I will be at the National Championship next week with our two champions and also attending leadership meetings to learn about what B.A.S.S. is doing in 2020.  Once we have gathered that information we will be setting up our annual meeting to share the format fully and raffle off some goodies.  Will Presley will be pulling permits for the ramps for our 2020 schedule and assuming there are no issues with those the attached schedule will be confirmed.

We have some open board positions coming available at the 2020 meeting so if you or any of your members would like to run please contact me and I’ll put you on the ballot.  The open positions are as follows:

  1. Southern Zone Director.  I want to thank Matt Pledger for all of his time on the board of directors and his contributions.  He is not running due to growing family commitments with kids in traveling sports.  Fun Times.  We hope to see him on the team trail and individual in the upcoming season. If you see him please take the time to thank him for his lengthy dedicated service.
  2. Treasurer.  Brian Mailot made it through a very tough year with work and kept our books right on point.  In my opinion Brian has held down the toughest position on the board and done it very well.  Brian will stay on board to help onboard the new Treasurer and get the taxes completed for 2019 season.  Thanks again for all the help and hopefully your work schedule will allow you to fish some this coming season.  
  3. Webmaster.  Bret Reid has held this position since the inception of it.  We can’t thank him enough for all the help over the years.  Bret still plans on trying his had at making the state team and we will see him most of the season.  Please take the time to thank Bret for all the years of service to the OBN.
  4. Vice President.  Matt Bertram will be running in the 2020 election to continue his support with the OBN for the next 2 years.  He has really stepped up and help Will run the tournaments.  Matt has my full support in running again in 2020.  If you or one of your members would like to run you most certainly are welcome to run.  Please contact me to get your name on the ballot.

I want to thank the Columbus Bassmasters for hosting the Folds of Honor event in 2020.  They are going to make the event count in their club results but also help us with making a larger event. 

I think the schedule for 2020 is unlike any other we have proposed and I’m very excited to send it to you.  We are keeping the same format as last year but the locations are new and exciting.  We will finalize lake selections and dates for the youth and college when returning from the national meeting.  We hope to see you all out there.  Should you have any questions or concerns please let me know.


Danny J Ryan JR

Ohio Bass Nation – President



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