2022 OBN Annual Meeting Minutes

Ohio BASS Nation Board Meeting Minutes – February 19, 2022

Board Member Attendance: Brian Mailot, Will Presley, Al Evans, Johnny Holton, Danny Ryan, Matt Bertram

Some club presidents and members were also in attendance.


BASS Roster System

  • BASS has a new roster system that all club presidents will be required to use to update rosters and pay Nation dues. There is currently no way to get reports from the system. We will need to manually check if members entering tournaments are active and have paid dues.
  • It was proposed that we require all club presidents to send a report of all members who are active and have paid dues prior to tournaments. Danny will send an email to presidents with this requirement.

Alliance Package

  • Danny said that we have been sent an Alliance package from BASS. This include 1 prop and 5 cases of Mercury oil that will be used for fund raising.
  • Danny motioned that we accept the package, second by Matt Bertram. All in favor.

Tournament Permits

  • Will has permits for all tournaments. We don’t have any lakes set as backups if needed.

Fund Raising

  • We need to come up with other fund-raising ideas. A gun raffle was mentioned and we will need to decide how we want to proceed.

State Team

  • Danny sent state team letters and contracts to all qualifiers and alternates. All state team members will be responsible for entering the tournament and paying fees. OBN will reimburse for entry fees and travel expenses as funds allow.

Treasurer Report

  • Al Evans reported on 2021 – 2022 funding and membership.
  • 7 clubs are currently active with paid memberships.
  • 92 members have paid dues in 2022.
  • 45 youth members have paid dues in 2022.
  • 2021 income: $51,534.45
  • 2021 expenses: $54,983
  • 2021 net income: (-$3,448.55)
  • 2022 current bank account balance: $4,292.97
  • Al proposed that we use Venmo or PayPal as an option for paying tournament winnings. Checks will not be presented at the tournament. They will be mailed within a week of the tournament for those who do not have Venmo or PayPal.

Conservation Update

  • Will provided conservation info.
  • Ohio is using an online tournament permit system and it will be active soon. Will tested the system and users will be able to see all lakes, ramps and a calendar for tournament permit registration. There will be a requirement to report all catches.
  • Will and Matt will attend the Conservation Summit at the Bassmaster Classic.
  • We discussed providing receptacles for plastic baits and possible fishing line recycling at tournaments.

2022 Board Positions

  • President: Danny Ryan is president through the 2022 season. The position will be open for reelection in 2023.
  • Vice President/Tournament Director: A motion passed at the December 2021 meeting to combine the Vice President and Tournament Director roles. Danny will need to add this to the bylaws. Brandon Osting was voted in as the new Vice President/Tournament Director.
  • Treasurer: Al Evans is the current Treasurer and the position is open for reelection this year. Al was voted in for another term.
  • Secretary: Brian Mailot was appointed to the vacant Secretary position in November 2021. This position is open for reelection in 2023.
  • Youth Director: Johnny Holton is the current Director and the position runs through the 2022 season. This position will be open for reelection in 2023.
  • Web Master: Ben Stacy is the current Web Master and the position runs through the 2022 season. This position will be open for reelection in 2023.
  • South Zone Director: Brian Mailot vacated this position in 2021 to accept the Secretary role. Damien Schmersal was voted in as the new Director.
  • North Zone Director: Brandon Osting was the previous Director. Allex Conner was voted in as the new Director.

Meeting adjourned.


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