COVID-19 Guidelines for Team Tournament Trail

  1. No congregating at registration, weigh in or in the parking lot.
  2. Keep 6 feet of distance between others at all times.
  3. It is recommended that everyone wear some type of mouth and nose protection. Mask or Buff and gloves.
  4. If you are paying at the ramp, one team member should come to the check in table to pick up your entry form. Return to your truck and fill it out with your partner. Then, one member return to the check in table with your form and payment. Make sure you have exact change.
  5. Boat and live-well check will be done on the water. When your boat number is called, IDLE up to the launch boat with live-well lids open and pumps running. When asked, pull your kill switch. Restart your boat, IDLE past the launch boat and proceed with your day.
  6. At weigh in time you will stay at your boat until you are called by boat number. Only one team member should come to the weigh in scales. There will be 6’ spacing at the fish tanks. You must use your own bag. If you do not have a bag OBN will have some sanitized bags.
  7. Once you are called to the bump tank, dump your fish into the sink. If you have a fish to weigh for “big bass” place a clip in its mouth. Go to the scales. Once your weight is called, return to your boat and truck.
  8. Please remain with your boat and truck in the parking lot during weigh in. If you know your catch is not good enough for the day, you may proceed home and check results online.
  9. At the conclusion of weigh in, we will announce the winners one at a time to come to the trailer.
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