2019 OBN State Team Qualifiers

OBN State Team Qualifiers


  1. Paul Amstutz – AOY Boater
  2. Joe Discerni
  3. Nick Leonard
  4. Ed Sizemore
  5. Steve Smith
  6. Kyle Waller
  7. Scott Cooke
  8. Scott Fourman
  9. Don Roberts
  10. Cody Hall
  11. Alt: Eddie Levin


  1. Christian Brumett – AOY CO
  2. Jeff Schultz
  3. Kajuan Little
  4. Joe Wilcox
  5. Colten Didion
  6. Ryan Kriegel
  7. Jake Drukenbrod
  8. Chris Pope
  9. John Terry
  10. Jason Fairbanks
  11. Alt: Brian Vogelsang


Congratulations State Team!!


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  1. Danny Ryan says:

    Great Job Will and team running the events. I wish I could of been there with you guys. Congratulations on those of you that made it so far!

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